Help, I'm being heckled into changing the name of a free software project! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

If people really want me to call my fork of the GNU Image Manipulation Program "Bob FOSS Studio" in honour of a dead American painter that shares a strikingly similar name to my own, then I will make it so. ๐Ÿ–Œ๏ธ๐ŸŽจ

The name that comes in second (if it was one of the @brainblasted suggestions) will be the term I use to refactor "gimp" out of the codebase. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I'm beginning to think I maybe shouldn't have left this open for 3 days.

I originally thought this would just be a joke that half a dozen people would be in on, but... nope! ๐Ÿ˜‚

@bob just want to note that Wilber is a GIMP trademark, and thus could cause issues down the line if we were to use it for our hard fork

@brainblasted Well, I guess that means the current name of the repo isn't long for this world anyway in that case! ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Are there any issues with the remaining suggestions?

My quick Google search came up with a dead sourceforge project from 2015 that does image manipulation and an unrelated systems diagnostics tool. But I don't that necessarily precludes using it as a name.

Clickfix looks fine though

@brainblasted @bob I tried to find the original issue you opened on the gimp repo but it looks like it was deleted?
Is there some place where I can read more about this issue for context? I literally just stumbled across it and wasn't aware the name was a slur

@spacekookie @bob it was made confidential due to brigades by racists. I'll send an archive later

@spacekookie @bob it was a very depressing read. A lot of repetitions of 'But I have never had a problem with it so there is no problem' and 'the name is GNU Image Manipulation Program, that isn't offensive to anyone so what is the problem?'

It was probably exactly the way you imagine and @brainblasted has an amazing amount of patience. I would have just shut down and left after the first 5 times someone said the same inane thing.

@spacekookie @brainblasted @bob To be fair, I'm probably one of the ones you disagree with.

@bob @brainblasted Awesome name for a GIMP fork!

I use GIMP on a semi-regular basis so what major changes will your fork have over the existing codebase?

@bob @brainblasted Just to be clear -- are you definitely changing the name?

Cause phrasing is kind of confusing.

(If you might not change the name, I'm not voting cause I'm find with GIMP, but if you are definitely changing then I definitely have a opinion!)

@jessmahler @bob the name change is the primary reason for the fork

@brainblasted @jessmahler exactly.

To confirm this isn't me changing the name of the upstream version of "The GIMP" that currently exists. This is a fork that uses the same code and calls itself something different.

@bob @brainblasted Thanks for clarifying. I'm not at all up on programming stuff and only learned what 'forking' is since folks started talking about #Florence. But GIMP's my go-to image program so anything about changing it catches my eye.

@bob @brainblasted my write-up vote would be GNU PIE which was suggested in the bug report ("Picture Image Editor" or some such thing?) But maybe that's just because I'm a bit hungry right now.

@msh @brainblasted the main reason I avoided that option is I'm not GNU, but PIE is always an option in my book ๐Ÿฅง

At the moment it's looking like I can't use Wilber because the GIMP project owns the trademark.

Glimpse is a strong second, but it looks like I can only use that as a codename because there's a package called that:

@bob @msh Nah, package conflicts happen all the time. I wouldnโ€™t say itโ€™s prohibitive. The command and package name could just be glipmse-editor

@brainblasted @msh I guess it's still in the running then! โœจ

@Clipsey @brainblasted @msh at risk of skewing the results, so do I. ๐Ÿ˜…

In theory it'd have fewer copyright/potentially being sued by Bob Ross's estate risks and might be taken more seriously. The poll is open for another couple of days though, so who knows?

@Clipsey @msh @bob I could also get my GNOME designer friends to help provide a new icon. I know at least one of them does not like the current GIMP name

@Clipsey @brainblasted @msh Definitely!

If we end up going for the @tcql mockup here we would definitely have to get someone able to paint in a similar style to head off copyright issues:

@bob @tcql @msh @Clipsey hmm, what about a painting in Bob Ross style rather than stylized as his head? If we trademark that mockup it could get us in trouble with his estate

@brainblasted @msh @Clipsey @tcql tbh we're running into the main problems of using an actual human being's name as the name of a product.

@Clipsey @bob @brainblasted @msh to be fair I made the joke and I also don't know that it's ACTUALLY a "good" name

It's funny, some people would like it, but I wonder if leaning on _any_ open-sourcey acronym like GNU/FOSS/FLOSS/etc is actually productive - it's potentially a bit exclusionary to folks who just want an alternative to photoshop but aren't in the know about software jargon and don't care.

A unique name (a la Krita) or something short and semi-descriptive is probably most inclusive

@Clipsey @tcql @brainblasted @msh indeed.

At risk of being a bit of a killjoy...

Wilber: GIMP owns the copyright, can't use it


Glimpse & Clickfix: We can probably make either of those work

The increased attention has helped me think this through though, so I'm grateful to everyone who has/is still voting.


Or ClickPix?

Maybe a play on the word "pixel" since it is an editor for bitmap images?

Fixel? Mixel? I dunno LOL

I suppose it is unhelpful to make the list longer at this point. :blobtonguewink:

@Clipsey @tcql @brainblasted

@Clipsey @tcql @bob @msh I'm also of the opinion that Glimpse is the most effective name out of all of these

@Clipsey @msh @bob @tcql may eventually become a hard fork? I think the initial idea is to have something renamed that pulls in new commits from mainline

@brainblasted @msh @Clipsey @tcql Exactly.

My initial (modest) idea was just to track upstream changes and add them to rebranded/refactored codebase.

If there's enough interest from people wanting to contribute new features then we could go that route.

For now I think Github is a sensible starting point, but there's nothing stopping us from mirroring/switching later

@Clipsey @tcql @bob @brainblasted Thats a good name too iif you don't like acronyms, though I'd say it suggests it is merely an image *viewer* rather than an editor.

Also the search utility of the same name comes to mind first for many people, but that might not be too important as there wouldn't be a big overlap in user bases.


I take that GNU IMP opion is not on the table because you are not keen to keep the gnu part.
(Do you still plan on releasing for mac/windows or nah ? )

@kyzh @brainblasted That is correct. I'm not GNU, so I can't use their name.

re: Windows/Mac support that's firmly on the table, so long as I can still build for them.

The only modern Mac I have to test things on atm is a 2010 model Mac Mini running High Sierra, but that should be new enough to have confidence it works on Mojave systems.

@bob @brainblasted understood :)
I have no mac nor windows box, but thats a good thing to keep support for them.

Great to hear you are doing something about it.
Sending good vibes your way

(I was a bit biased on the imp name, but I'll get over it)

@bob @brainblasted Bob FOSS Studio is a well good name, I love a good pun and applaud whoever come up with that

@bob @brainblasted Listen, I'm always a fan of more Bob Ross references in the world.

@bob roping in @xenon because she also has an effort going to rename it

@brainblasted @xenon @Clipsey I think it would probably be a good idea to setup a chat space for us to IM through the idea, as there's clearly some interest in this. ๐Ÿ™‚

(I also very much don't want to be a BDFL. Collaborating on a common project would be better)

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