My cunning plan this evening is to finally bite the bullet and install Debian 10 on my productivity laptop.

The extra challenge I'm setting myself over the next week or so is trying to use Flatpaks for programs I use every day for things like email, spreadsheets, playing audio, etc

My first mistake was trying to install everything with UEFI still enabled. So, having to try that again! 🤦‍♂️

I suspect my pet peeve of having to download a firmware file to make my already installed Intel WiFi drivers work is going to recur, but thankfully this time I have a USB-C Ethernet adapter that seems to be working.

Success! Turns out I could fix Wi-fi by downloading & installing a deb package instead of spending an hour hunting down a file I need to put in a very specific location. I could enable the “non-free” repo to keep it updated, but ugh... effort.

As it’s nearly 9:30pm now I’m going to leave my completely vanilla installation until after I’ve had a good night’s sleep and have the enthusiasm to make everything work the way I want it to. ✨

So far, so good. I'm waiting for Syncthing to copy across my personal files but so far the policy of "use flatpaks in userspace and apt for lower-level tools" seems to be working out well so far 🙂

If I’ve seemed quiet today it’s because I’m trying to find a way of building Glimpse without installing all the required dependencies on my pristine system.

It has been interesting tinkering with Vagrant and Ansible to make that happen. The results will be shared in the “helper scripts” repo once I figure it out.


It may have taken the whole weekend (and still isn't finished) but it taught me a huge amount about Glimpse's dependencies and how they're built.

Even if I'm the only one who ends up using the Vagrant/Ansible stuff, it'll help a lot when I finally spin up a Jenkins build server. So I'd call it a success 👍

Also next weekend I'm taking a break from this project 😂

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