I’m spending this weekend looking after a very sleepy doggo and a parrot.

Are you worried about Brexit and thinking you can’t afford to holiday this year?

Never fear! You can camp in your own back yard.

...Or, if erecting a tent is something you’d consider “a bit of a faff” (who wouldn’t) this is a great “low effort” alternative. 👍

Oh honey, it’s *far* too late for that... ✨🌈

*high fives myself through the time-space continuum*

That’s right 10 year old Bob, when you’re an adult nobody can tell you to clean away your video games! 😂

selfie / belated “mascmonday” 

As two of them have arrived and it’s now my lunch break I know what I’m going to be doing for the next hour!


I think this eBay seller *might* be a stamp collector!

Bob plays with FaceApp 

My cave is still a work in progress. Slowly but surely it is nearing its initial completion. ✨

Modern LCD TV needs a stand, Windows 98/XP rig need a new VGA cable, and the Apple Macintosh LC II needs the SD card I replaced the HDD with to be imaged. Sega Mega Drive underneath the CRT TV works fine though 👌

(Alt text provided for each picture)

There’s two kinds of Sega Dreamcast fan. Those who know you can clip the wire to the back of your control pad, and those who don’t.

Clearing files that haven't been used for the last 7 days seems to have freed up 17GB, so now we're using 24GB 😅

I'm in the process of migrating the existing installation to S3. I figure I should do this *before* upgrading to v0.0.1.1.


If you’re wondering how such a thing is possible...

I legit have someone sending me one of these for under a tenner. 🤓

It would seem I'm unwittingly starting an early '90s personal digital organiser collection!

This is a Sharp EL-6810 with 64KB memory. It stores phone numbers, your schedule & memos. It also provides a calculator and a world clock.

Not bad for something that runs on a pair of watch batteries.

If I had Instagram, I don’t think my food posts would be very artistic 😂

This is minced beef & onion pie with oven chips, baked beans and a giant dollop of ketchup 👍

Bob geeks out about DOS computers older than himself 

Despite all the horribleness in the world at large, I've had quite a fun (if a bit hectic) 5+ days.

An idea I had last week turned into a project with a really cool community because more talented people than me made it happen. Squeeeeeeeee!

A terrible joke 

gay fan fiction 

As I vaguely remember @lynnesbian talking about 2nd gen iPod Shuffles the other week and me mentioning I had one in a reply, I should point out that I’ve *finally* fetched it down from the attic!

God knows if it still works, but it’ll be interesting to find out after work today. 😅

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