Reading the warning labels and such on my HRT is spooky. Brain tumor risks, kidney risks, etc.

I forgot to say here, I got hrt receipts now. Going to start tomorrow uwu

I hate existential dread; brain can you just let me sleep without reminding me about my fragile mortality

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We've just joined the digital 🌳

Our website will return tomorrow, but in the meantime you can find out more about the campaign here:

NSFW - meme application 

I’m not a frontend dev, but im making like 4 websites rn. So I’m learning vue.js
JavaScript is pain

I'm 100% expecting another FreeBSD "hugs" incident, just with Glimpse.

Time to prepare for the worst, Bryan Lunduke is starting to make fun of Glimpse.

Why couldn't he chose an other FOSS project to send harrassment to?

Right now it's not bad, but it probably will be if he makes a video...

iPhone X gesture controls + iPad dock = cursed af setup

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that's some inception shit right there you criminal scum!

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nah then you just email the office for social security numbers, say you're trans and want it to harm people.

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