As I've been asked what the link is between @glimpse and @forktogether a few times now:

* We share some of their contributors
* Glimpse's fediverse presence runs on a Florence Mastodon instance
* Florence project provided us with advice as we scaled, and we sometimes discuss sharing tools/resources

Currently that's it! Glimpse project is run by different people with our own governance system, code of conduct & tooling. 🙂

We also use Matrix for project communications, they use Mattermost. 👍

Thank you Dominic Watson for renewing your pledge as a "Elite Supporter" this month. 🎉

Thank you Sami Mannila for renewing your "Elite Supporter" pledge on the Open Collective 🎉

Before someone points it out, yes the @glimpse project in general is aware that GNU IMP 2.10.14 just got released 👍

0.1 is still going to be based on 2.10.12 as planned, then the changes will be incorporated when we start developing 0.2.

Checkout the latest update on progress!

* Updated release schedule
* MSI installer for Windows (still in beta)
* Instructions for testing the beta on Linux
* Changes to how our project plans to raise money after 0.1 releases
* Decisions made on our future direction after 0.1 releases
* A new Facebook page is introduced
* Some early work has started on the parallel UI front-end rewrite effort

We have just updated our blog with the latest progress!

It contains an updated release timeline, links to our latest beta testing builds and more. 💫

We now have a pair of builds for beta testing on Windows!

Please note that these ZIP files are *not* for use on a production environment, and we will be packaging with a proper installer some time in the next couple of weeks.

Can you help a key project that we and a number of other free software programs depend on?

The Exiv2 project is asking for your help!

The latest release timeline for 0.1 is "some time this month" in October 2019.

The delay currently is because we are still working on Linux snap support and the Windows packaging side of things.

We also want to ensure the community has the opportunity to beta test our work so we can fix any last minute bugs and patches before we start recommending 0.1 for non-techies to use in a production environment.

The next most regularly asked question is "What are you future plans for project?"

Generally speaking feature ideas are available here, separated by milestones:

0.x is based on GNU IMP 2.10.12
1.x will be based on 3.x
2.x may be a fresh rewrite depending on how well the people interested in pursuing that idea progress

If you have ideas for improvements, feature ideas or bugs you've spotted, let us know!

A question we are regularly asked is "What will be different about 0.1 compared to GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.10.12 when it releases?"

The answer is:
* New name & logo
* Less Wilber (the mascot) throughout the UI
* Better installation options for Windows users
* A more open and welcoming community

As a project we have only existed for around 3 months and approached the codebase with zero prior knowledge. So we will be pleased to end our status as "vaporware" so quickly 🎉

We have not formally kicked off the beta testing program because we are still working on the Windows ports, but expect to have them ready some time this week.

In the meantime if you want to try out the Linux beta build and already know how to use Flatpaks, you can find some initial instructions here:

Please report any problems you discover here:

Unfortunately project communications are unavailable atm.

Keep an eye on's birdsite account to see when it comes back up:

We would like to thank Sami Mannila, Massimo D'Ambrogio (RGBear) and Loren Dias for renewing their subscription as Elite Contributors on the patreon 🎉

We would like to thank Dominic Watson for becoming our latest sponsor contributor, and their recent changes to our code-level documentation. 🎉

Unfortunately the 0.1 beta test builds are not ready to unveil this evening, but we hope to make them available later this week.

If you can’t wait to get started, we have provided build instructions for enthusiasts to try out the latest code here:

For those interested, we have now setup a Facebook Page so you have another place to follow news about the project

Check out the latest updates for project:

Particular highlights:

* Beta builds for Windows & Linux expected before the end of the month
* New wiki resources for building our code

#Glimpse (:gimp: #GIMP's fork) is I think a step in the right direction and a cool project.
This new name isn't yet carved in stone (until GIMP 3.0) so I recommend you all to vote on this public shared document, even if in favor of Glimpse (but please at least give it some thought and look at the other ideas too):

Feel free to ask me about the spreadsheet (I made it)

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