We've just joined the digital 馃尦

Our website will return tomorrow, but in the meantime you can find out more about the campaign here: globalclimatestrike.net/digita

psst... we don't officially support it, but we hear someone might have made a package for AUR that links to our dev branch and offers a sneak preview of 0.1 before it's actually released.

If you're an Arch user, keep it under your hat 馃槈

We are skipping the blog post this week, so here is a summary of progress:

* We now have a new About window & splash screen

* Mac port is blocked, so will be pushed out until after 0.1 is released. github.com/glimpse-editor/Glim

* @trechnex is making good progress on the Windows port and is continuing to develop our Travis CI integration github.com/glimpse-editor/Glim

* @chaomodus has is fixing the metadata in our Linux flatpak. github.com/glimpse-editor/Glim

* @brainblasted is remodeling our website

Are you a Mac developer that believes in our project? We have hit a brick wall with our macOS port and have a severe lack of Apple users in our project to unblock it!

More details here: github.com/glimpse-editor/Glim

Contribution links: glimpse-editor.org/contribute/

Check out this week's update! We have a new logo, new Open Collective account and started work on Travis CI build automation ready for Glimpse 0.1 to be released later this month.


We would also like to call out and thank the amazing artist who made this new logo and the art assets coming soon a reality


Work is still ongoing for our application icons and art assets, but we're excited to introduce our new project logo!

is now also on Open Collective: opencollective.com/glimpse/upd

Check out this week's progress for the project: glimpse-editor.org/posts/a-sec

We addressed a common misconception, appeared on The Register, discussed this project's name and made a number of code changes/decisions.

We would like to thank Dominic Watson for his recent code change and becoming our latest sponsor contributor 馃帀

We would also like to thank Kretz, Sami Mannila and Loren Dias for renewing their pledges as sponsor contributors 馃巻

Your belief in our project is humbling, and we hope to do you proud this month with our first release.

Thank you to our latest sponsor contributor, Massimo D'Ambrogio 馃帀

Our apologies for any temporary loss of service on the website this evening.

We have been in the process of migrating to our new glimpse-editor.org domain and were still fixing the redirects. Everything should be back to normal now 馃憤

Catch up with this week鈥檚 progress for project with our latest blog post 馃帀


After community feedback we have now set the default branch on github to "dev-g210" so it is easier to find our latest code changes.

We will change it back to "main" after 0.1 releases to stick with the convention of people cloning stable code by default.

If you have ideas for a new project name, feel free to post them on this Github Issue: github.com/glimpse-editor/Glim

We make no guarantees that it will be changed, but they will definitely be discussed on the Matrix channels which you're also welcome to join.

We just spotted Bryan Lunduke's video go online.

To confirm, the latest code is on the dev-g210 branch. We will try to make that clearer on the "main" branch that is shown by default on Github over the next couple of days.


If you haven鈥檛 blocked or suspended the librem.one domain, the poll currently being held on birdsite asking if the re-brand is worthwhile is also here:


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