Hello, world!

This is the first toot from an official account for , a new fork of the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Follow me for updates on this cool new project.

Also just confirming that the current avatar is a placeholder.

Hopefully we will have a proper logo/mascot for this project some time soon!

@maloki @glimpse I like Bob, but glimpse is just the perfect name! So elegant! :blobartist:

@glimpse random concept for a logo: how about an eye whos eyelashes are the hairs of a paint brush.

Feel free to ignore of course, it's literally the first thing I thought of.

@xuv we think the project should forge its own identity. 🙂

(Also there are potential trademark infringement issues if we use it without the blessing of the upstream project. We haven’t asked them though)

@glimpse I don't know/think it's trademarked. I don't think the original name of the software is trademarked either. And since this character is well associated with the software, I encourage you to consider its adoption. But of course, as you said, ask first.

@glimpse will you continue to work toghether with Gimp when they will add features or you will add features?

@surveyor3 absolutely! We intend to be good free software citizens.

Being adversarial doesn’t benefit anyone. Working together to share changes, attract new contributors and spread free software helps both projects. 🙂

@glimpse Hi, is there a chatroom or something similar?
I have few questions about how you plan it and not sure if tickets are the way you want to go for that.

@lanodan temporarily we are using an IRC channel on freenode called "glimpse", but you will need to be registered with nickserv to join it.

At some point in the next couple of days we will move across to a Matrix server we are currently setting up. We will let people know here and via that IRC channel when it is ready to go. 🙂

@glimpse The name confused me until realizing that the (not so common) location sharing app is spelled Glympse.
Maybe you could add a hint in your README...

@encarsia noted for future doc purposes 🙂

The other one we’ve heard about is a library in the Debian repositories for file searching called “glimpse” (apparently that’s an acronym for “GLobal IMPlicit SEarch”?!)

Also there’s a dead sourceforge project that hasn’t been updated since 2015.

We reckon people won’t be confused once we have a recognisable mascot/logo and a program people can use, but these will mentioned in our FAQs.

@glimpse Just out of curiosity: Gimp is quite large a project, why the fork?

@z428 one reason is the name. “Gimp” as a word is considered ableist, links to “after dark” activities and in some countries is also a playground insult!

That means it is not taken seriously as an alternative in professional settings and it can prevent schools and universities from using it in classrooms.

People have tried & failed to get it changed for over a decade, and the “workaround” of expanding the acronym does not unfortunately fix the domain, window titles or its spoken name.

@z428 the initial release will be a cosmetic rebrand with some fixes to the build system, but versions after could include other interesting features.

We think that an initiative that pushes more free software to more people is a good thing, and so is encouraging more people to contribute changes for a great project a lot of us use everyday.

@glimpse Hmmmm ok, good luck on that then. Personally, I've been a Gimp user / tester ever since early 0.8 versions and never really understood this naming debate, but maybe just because I haven't at all been affected by any of the consequences tied to the name. So, fine if it helps, hope to see the project gain a bit more speed again feature-wise, too, in the future.

@glimpse @z428 as a long-time GIMP user AND someone with permanent nerve damage in my dominant hand, I’m super excited that the name is changing and the program will be improved!

Nice one! ​:1000:​​:anidab_right:​​:ethics:

Well I *do* remember controversy around the naming then and now, but I am not entitled to tell how valid this is. Coming from a German background, "Gimp" itself is a word that has no real meaning and it makes sense as an acronym. If that doesn't work, leave people out of contributing or makes it difficult to get the software to be usable to a certain group of users, I don't see a name change a bad thing... 🙂

@franknog Yes, definitely agree. I really feel uncomfortable here in many ways: From one point of view, if the name is insulting or difficult to some, it would possibly be a good idea to consider a change. Other way 'round, I also see forking large projects a big problem - both for reasons of fragmentation and for reasons of democratic collaboration in such projects (which also would be about keeping a name like "gimp" if the majority of devs has no problem with it).


@glimpse is Glimpse short for

GNU Libre Image Manipulation Program: Second Edition


@zatnosk it’s not at the moment, but we’ll add that one to the suggestion box 😂

@glimpse About time. Could you use some help with the rebranding?

@PalmerAnimates definitely! We’re working on a Matrix server, but for now most of the activity is happening on a freenode IRC channel called “glimpse”. You will need to be signed in on nickserv to join.

@glimpse Excellent initiative. This way you will get to see exactly how much people (starting with yourself) care about your little rant concerning the #gimp's name. I predict that you will fail around the time next term starts in the northern hemisphere, and by the end of 2020 all that will remain will be a paragraph (that you will have inserted) in the criticisms section of the gimp's wackypedia article. Nevertheless, I do commend you for having taken the step, which - 1/2

@glimpse is more than 99% of other people do. - 2/2

@glimpse @benhamill good, it was always a crap name and i am surprised it stuck around so long.

@glimpse Oh, that's nice. i've been amazed for many years that people still, after all these years, were tolerating a name like that.

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