Check out this week's update! We have a new logo, new Open Collective account and started work on Travis CI build automation ready for Glimpse 0.1 to be released later this month.

@glimpse while I understand doing Open Collective, shouldn't you wait to open it until you have a public release first? The optics feel poor even if I'm well aware people have been working on glimpse through their git commits but most won't check.

@oct2pus we have explained why accepting donations is necessary in this FAQ answer:

The reason we do these weekly blog posts (which are then also linked to on Patreon, Open Collective, Twitter and the fediverse) is so people can make an informed decision before they donate and also hold us accountable.

Finally, we have committed to donating all the money we’ve received (after costs) to the upstream project in the unlikely event we fail to release anything at all.

@glimpse my question is more about timing rather than if you should or should not (you should), I'd just think its a better idea to start asking for donations when you ship the 0.1 later this month, but I'm not really sure of the projects financial situation which you probably know better than me.
@RLetot @glimpse I don't speak french nor am I interested in having a discussion with you about this.

You speak about donations before releasing, which is talked about in the comment (glimpse had a patreon on day one). That's why I mentioned it.

@oct2pus we appreciate your feedback re: optics 🙂

We started collecting Patreon donations early on for the same reason one might open a Kickstarter campaign. It gauges interest in the product, ensures costs are covered and can motivate people to deliver because of the trust that has been placed in us. It is also low risk as in the worst case the money is passed upstream.

The move to Open Collective was in response to feedback that we should be more transparent about how we use donor money.

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