As the cat is out of the bag, we're pleased to announce that 0.1.0 has now been released!

@felix It boggles my mind that the original development team wouldn't even consent to a name change when someone else was willing to do the work. Seems irrational.

@feoh @felix Why would they?
There is nothing wrong with existing name. Creating parasitic fork is far more irrational.

@nesc @felix Because it's 2019 and having software named after a slur for the physically handicapped is a non starter.

@feoh @nesc @felix I'm fine with the whole process.

The original can decline to change their name for whatever reason and a fork can exist to take things from there with whatever change they want to include.

@polychrome @nesc @felix I am too. This is why forks work. However as a disabled person I wish the original maintainers had a bit more sensitivity, rendering this whole exercise unnecessary.

@glimpse just installed it from Flathub, looks good, nice work! 💪💪💪

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