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So, the new setup for is:

@bob_admin as the "admin" account that receives moderator reports and does site-specific things.

This account I'm posting from is the replacement for the (now deleted) bob account. πŸ‘‹

Now updating my blog & sundry accounts so they point here.

As I've been asked what the link is between @glimpse and @forktogether a few times now:

* We share some of their contributors
* Glimpse's fediverse presence runs on a Florence Mastodon instance
* Florence project provided us with advice as we scaled, and we sometimes discuss sharing tools/resources

Currently that's it! Glimpse project is run by different people with our own governance system, code of conduct & tooling. πŸ™‚

We also use Matrix for project communications, they use Mattermost. πŸ‘

Much like Uber, Airbnb is just a "Unicorn" that deliberately runs at a loss with the endgame of using venture capital to put everyone else out of business and become an unregulated monopoly that treats customers and its "contractors" like crap.

Don't fall for it. Use a regulated taxi firm and book at a reputable hotel or Bed and Breakfast. It takes a little extra Googling, but it's worth it.

In case you missed it btw, here's a Vice exposΓ© on an Airbnb letting scam that the company is deliberately ignoring because they make money from it.

Given how "well" Airbnb treats both its customers and local governments around the world, I can't say I'm upset about this!

(Link via @radicalrobit)

Genuinely looking forward to the next on Wednesday ✨

Episode III essentially redeams the prequel trilogies, so I recommend it.

Yep, adding relays was a good choice. The federated timeline visible from my small Florence 0.1.2 (Mastodon 2.9) instance now has a lot more variety.

We will see how well the VPS and the database that runs on top of it holds up...

Having some spare time this evening has helped me catch up with the hashtag, so lots of blocks and mutes just happened! πŸ˜…

Also tried adding relays for the first time. If anyone has any good suggestions on those, let me know.

This is my personal favourite Glimpse takedown though. I screencapped it for posterity!

Here's a further "funny" troll of the Glimpse project to enjoy before it disappears at some point in the next few months:

Pouring one out for "genericwebber", who discovered that changing the GNU Image Manipulation Program's name wasn't so easy after all. 😜

(Their repository no longer exists)

In other news, I finally kicked the birdsite habit!

...mostly. I still run the Glimpse project's twitter account.

Remembrance Sunday 

meta / political observation 

meta / political observation 

How different the world would have been if MySpace had won instead of Facebook... *sigh*

The movie is pretty much finished after Yoda goes off on one about Obi Wan Kenobi saying "victory".

It's been fun. And tooting about this movie kept me awake and alert through it, which is a first for me. So, pats on the back all round!

Seriously, just imagine this scene but with Mace Windu instead of Yoda.

Imagine if Samuel L Jackson and Christopher Lee had duked it out. That would have *made* this movie.

But... nope. We just get Yoda jumping the shark. Booooo!

Judging by the posts people are starting to reach the "Yoda jumps the shark" moment.

It's something we have to grudgingly accept in Episode III because Episode II made it canon.

I also love that Mace Windu yells "PILOT, LAND IN THE ASSEMBLY AREA" and the pilot agrees in the quietest possible voice.

What can I say, Samuel L Jackson is doing the best he can with the material he's given πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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