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So, the new setup for is:

@bob_admin as the "admin" account that receives moderator reports and does site-specific things.

This account I'm posting from is the replacement for the (now deleted) bob account. 👋

Now updating my blog & sundry accounts so they point here.

Glimpse musings 

Glimpse musings 

US pol / Microsoft china sanctions 

If you love your games, buy them physical.

one final nerdgasm for the night 

Detective Pikachu review 

Detective Pikachu review 

It may be 1:40 am, but I’ve broken out the popcorn and beer to finally watch “Detective Pikachu” 😁

It occurs to me that the only thing I'm "hipster" about is No Man's Sky 😂

"I liked it BEFORE it got popular. Now it sucks!" *swishes emo fringe*

I should clarify btw that I am actually working on the 20th 😅

Fixing up my website and pointing people at the campaign on social media and that Firefox add-on is about showing solidarity & helping people understand what's going on with all their favourite websites.

Also, as I didn't fancy adding extra JavaScript to my website, I've instead decided to commemorate the digital by linking to it from site navigation and tweaking the CSS:

Apparently there's a Digital Climate strike happening on the 20th Sept!

If you're a Firefox user you can do your bit by switching to a search engine that donates 80% of its profits to planting trees.

If you largely missed the RMS/Stallman drama, this WIRED article from Steven Levy (author of "Hackers") is a good summary.

I suppose the other thing I am aware of is the irony of the situation. 🤔

If a member of the upstream project were to read those two posts, I suppose their response would either be "aha, serves you right!" or "welcome to the party pal, we've been dealing with that crap for two decades!"

Forking does give you a new appreciation for what the upstream project does & the clever people that work hard to make it happen.

I still think though that it was, on balance, the right decision.

I suspect (personal opinion, not project position) that the Glimpse name will probably stick.

In the short term though we successfully defused a problem that ground the entire project to a halt for 10 days and threatened to filibuster the whole thing out of existence.

As project failures go, that would certainly have broken new ground! 😂

Seeing @glimpse mentioned in this hackaday post tickled me 😂

I definitely concur about the "should we change the name?" issue that's still growing. Whenever it gets brought back up it feels like I'm being repeatedly beaten over the head with a chalkboard the entire class has been scribbling on.

Thoughts on Red Hat's advice to FSF 

Seriously, don't try to repair a CRT / source 

Seriously, don't try to repair a CRT. 

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