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This server runs Florence, a fork of the Mastodon project. Please be aware that while Florence Mastodon v0.0.1.2 is based on upstream v2.9.0 and has proven to be stable, it is still considered "pre-release" software so you may find bugs. Great care is taken to ensure we don't break things when we upgrade to newer releases, but like any server data loss is always a possibility.

Bobadon.co.uk relies on a daily, weekly and monthly snapshot of the VPS for backup, so if something bad happens you could lose data. Also if the admin (someone who lives in the UK timezone) is asleep when the server goes down then you might have to wait a few hours for it to come back up again!

If you are okay with these risks and are still willing to join bobadon.co.uk to try out Florence Mastodon, you may request an invite. The number available is restricted by capacity/cost and the admin's decision is final. You stand a better chance of being accepted if an existing user can vouch for you or you are involved with the Florence Mastodon or Glimpse Image Editor projects.

Please note: Each day at 06:30 UTC the server restarts. There is normally around 3 minutes downtime when that happens, but it can sometimes take longer. The enforced daily restart is intended to ensure that system security updates are always applied in a timely manner and no intermittent problems develop with the underlying database or any of the running services.

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Code of conduct

Like most British people you will find that Bobby Moss is quite friendly, mild-mannered and easygoing. But if you waste their time, make a nuisance of yourself or annoy them then they will ask you to leave. You are a guest that asked for an invite to this server, and you are expected to conduct yourself accordingly.

Generally speaking, so long as you try to be the best version of yourself most of the time, follow community best-practise and don't say anything to people online that you wouldn't say to them in real life then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

This is not an exhaustive list, and the admin's decision is always final, but here are some behaviours to avoid:

  • Deliberately antagonising anyone for your own amusement.
  • Posting links to malware or phishing sites.
  • Sending automated messages from a bot script or trying to use this server to mine bitcoin.
  • Excessively promoting a crowdfunding campaign, business proposition, donation page or for-profit project.
  • Consistently refusing to add content warnings to sensitive topics like politics, current news items, gore, nudity, excessive foul language, fediverse drama or anything else people might find objectionable.
  • Advertising for or posting about doing activities that are considered illegal in the United Kingdom, United States or the European Union such as selling/taking banned substances, prostitution, committing fraud, spreading libel, sharing child pornography (actual or drawn), selling stolen goods, sharing unauthorised copyright material, publishing illegally-obtained classified/sensitive documents, etc.
  • Hosting your lewd alt here or posting primarily pornographic content.
  • Being a nazi, posting nazi things (such as holocaust denial or nazi iconography), being in any way sympathetic to nazi ideology, or asking our admin what their definition of a nazi is because you want to argue that your particular brand of white supremacy is "different".
  • Unironically claiming that ordinary people denying other ordinary people a platform is the same as government censorship of your democratic right to free speech.
  • Spreading or advocating racism, ableism, ageism, sexism, xenophobia or violent nationalism.
  • Spreading or advocating discrimination or violence against gender or sexual minorities.
  • Posting links to "fake news" sites, conspiracy theories or "deep fake" images/video without the clear journalistic intent of either debunking or satirising those things.
  • Claiming gamergate had anything to do with "ethics in games journalism".
  • Insisting you are "involuntary celibate" on the grounds women nowadays have a choice in the matter.
  • Continuing to engage in a conversation after someone has made it clear they no longer wish to continue that conversation, or inciting others to do so.
  • Stalking or harassing someone on this and other platforms, or inciting others to do so.
  • Sharing or re-sharing anyone's personal information without them granting you explicit written permission first.
  • Posting someone else's artwork without the correct attribution.
  • Unironically claiming your religion is a good excuse for doing any of these things.
  • Upsetting the admin of an instance we like and still want to remain federated with.
  • Hassling or relentlessly arguing with the admin of bobadon.co.uk because things in this list happen to conflict with your own personal political ideology.
  • Doing any of the things in this list "ironically" or "as a joke".

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Blocked servers

To minimise the amount of harassment the admin is likely to receive from nasty people we keep the full list of blocked and silenced domains confidential. A full list can be requested by people with accounts on this server and will be provided in CSV format at the admin's discretion.

Generally speaking we rely on a combination of dzuk's block chain, TenForward's wiki page, our own users' reports and chatter between instance admins. Domains are pre-emptively suspended or silenced regularly because it is completely impractical for us to always "assume good faith" and be purely reactive. The safety of marginalized communities on bobadon.co.uk is a higher priority for us than always granting random strangers from elsewhere a platform in the hope they won't violate our code of conduct.

We fully support the feature suggestion about enabling Florence admins to quarantine unknown servers and follow shared lists of known-good domains.

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Additional server silences

In addition to servers being silenced or suspended for condoning abusive or oppressive behaviour, regrettably we do have to silence some popular instances by default to assist our users.

We may do this because a well-known server has acquired so many users that we are no longer able to moderate the sheer amount of activity they generate effectively. We may also do this when we have concerns about the ability or willingness of an otherwise good server's staff users to enforce their stated code of conduct.

Our users can still follow accounts from those servers, but they will not see posts from them in their notifications or on the public timeline by default.

We periodically review our decisions to verify if the protective action we have already taken is still necessary and if any additional action is needed. Our users can request a list of these servers in the same way as the instance block list.

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Server policies

This is a record of decisions the admin has made to improve the user experience on bobadon.co.uk. As with all such decisions they are subject to change based on the feedback of those with an account on this server.

  • The Mastodon (Light) theme has been selected by default as that is the least inaccessible option. We will switch to a theme that complies with WCAG once one is made available in a future Florence release.
  • The maximum toot and biography size is 500, the default suggested by the Florence project itself.
  • The following things have been hidden to safeguard user privacy:
    • Timeline preview (and "known fediverse" in said preview)
    • Profile discovery
    • List of discovered servers
    • Aggregate statistics about user activity
  • Full-text search has not been installed because that would put far too much load on the server
  • We do not support using Tor to connect to bobadon.co.uk. You are also warned that if you have ever connected to your account on the normal Internet then connecting via the Tor network could be the activity that compromises your anonymity.
  • We do not object to adding custom emoji. In fact, we actively welcome custom emoji requests from our users!

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